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Autodesk University 2015

Register for AU beginning in August, 2015

Thanks for your interest in Autodesk University 2015, Las Vegas! We love that you’re on top of it. Please check back with us in August, at which point we’ll have our classes squared away and you can register for your AU dream week, right here—sessions, hotel accommodations, and any preconference events that grab you. In the meantime, you can always email us with any burning questions. See you in Las Vegas.

Autodesk University packages

AU 2014 Pass
December 2-4
All classes, exhibit hall, meals

$2175 USD
Leadership Forum at Autodesk University
December 1-4
For executives, invitation-only

$1675 USD
(includes access to all of AU)
Learn more

Note: Hotel not included in price. Visit Conference costs for hotel pricing.

Tailor your AU experience

We can help you maximize your time in Vegas by adding some hand-picked sessions and key activities to your schedule. It’s your partially curated AU.

You can still add any AU class to your schedule (and opt out of anything that presents a conflict).

  • Recommended sessions automatically added to your schedule
  • Networking activities and events
  • Access to all AU classes
December 2-4
For architects
Learn more
December 2-4
For automotive designers and suppliers
Learn more
December 2-4
For VDC managers, OEMs, and project managers
Learn more

December 2-4
For civil infrastructure professionals
Learn more
December 1-4
For educators
Learn more
Reality Computing
December 2-4
All customers and VARs
Learn more

Check out everything AU offers for your industry

Build your AU dream week. Find relevant classes, tracks, keynote addresses, and events that inspire.

Manufacturing & Product Design
For designers and engineers in manufacturing
Learn more
Buildings & Infrastructure
For architects and engineers
Learn more
Media & Entertainment
For animators, TD's, and 3D artists
Learn more

For educators, instructors and teachers
Learn more

Preconference events on Monday, December 1

If you plan to be in town Monday, check out any of these events for special groups.

ATC Annual Summit
For ATC owners, program managers and instructors
Learn more
Computational BIM Workshop
For computational designers, scripters and programmers
Learn more
For Autodesk Developer Network members
Learn more

MEP & Structure Fabrication Forum
For designers, engineers, owners, and operators
Learn more

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