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CS21553 - Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo

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The step from detailed design to construction in a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-enabled workflow is a challenge for many design offices and construction companies. In many situations, designs need to be changed after contractors have reviewed the models on constructability. In this class, you will discover how you can involve computational design in this process. You will learn how to use the Dynamo extension to automate all kinds of custom tasks in Revit software to make your design constructible. You will get inspired by the wide range of possibilities the Dynamo extension offers to create your own model check and to automate the creation of construction elements.This session features Revit, Dynamo Studio and Navisworks Manage. AIA Approved

Additional information
Understand the wide range of possibilities Dynamo offers for the construction industry
Learn how to create your own Dynamo scripts to automate and manage the creation of constructible BIM models
Learn how to use computational design to apply your design rules on construction models in Revit
Learn how to make custom model checks to increase the constructability of your Revit model
Knowledge of Revit and Dynamo is an advantage but not necessary.
Building Construction, Fabrication for AEC
Dynamo Studio, Navisworks Manage, Revit
General Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
Construction Services
All types of Building Construction people that are keen to create fabrication and construction ready models in Revit and who love to apply their own design rules to achieve that.
AIA Approved
Instructional demo
BIM, Construction Modeling, 3D Design and Modeling, Construction Management, Building Design
Beyond software basics
Instructional demo
1h 30m
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